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Severus didn't believe in chance. Not anymore. Everything had a purpose and a reason. Not that he believed in Fate either. But the future held things that were inevitably, impossible to avoid. Even if you knew they were there.

But there was that single time, where he had overheard Trelawney as she delivered the prophecy...

Nothing had suggested to him, a possibility like that would present itself. Nothing had indicated he would hear something that would not only change his own life, but that of so many others it made no sense to mention names anymore.

But using that knowledge, sharing it, had nothing to do with chance. It had been a decision. A youthfully stupid, ignorant and hateful decision, with no true comprehension of the consequences. Those had become only too clear with the Dark Lord's interpretation of the veiled words, and his following actions.

It had cost dearly and it wasn't over yet.

Wordcount: 155


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