Sep. 21st, 2005

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Severus had never doubted his legilimency skills and their usefulness. If he wanted to, he could know all he wanted to know, about other people. Muggles would be without resistance and even strong wizards or witches would have to be prepared and ready, to repell him.

Not that he actively used this skill very often. Occlumency was his true strength, used, refined and polished over many years. His 'facts', his memories had always been well protected, even in the face of the two strongest wizards of his time.

Of course, memories were always in the eyes of the beholder. What one person saw in a situation, was rarely the same as another would see. It was all a matter of interpretation. And yet, there would always be a grain of truth even in the most warped of memories. To find that grain... that fact, and recognise the truth in it, that was the true challenge of Legilimency.

But he had never felt a need for knowing that single fact about everybody. He had enough in keeping his own facts where they belonged; In his head, where nobody would ever find them.

Wordcount: 191


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