Jul. 4th, 2006

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If only you...

Severus really hated if's when they entered his mind. The multitude of roads chosen in his past that could've been different, was staggering and impossible to break down into clearly discernable fragments.

If he removed one single thing, one single event or choice in his life, the consequences could be astronomical. Step on a butterfly and everything (or nothing) could change... for him.

And yet, how many times hadn't the tempting thoughts of using a Timeturner crept into his mind? Go back in time and ...

And what if he did? Would it be worth it? Would it even have had a true impact on the world, or would it simply have changed him?

Would it even have mattered, or would Fate have found another way to push him and the world onto the road it had laid out?

He would never know, and as he looked at his life now, with all its dangers, problems ... and possibilities, he knew he wouldn't want anything changed. What, and who he had now was too valuable to lose.

Wordcount: 175


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