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Perception: Generally speaking, how do you think others perceive you?

Angry, sallow, scowling, cruel, vindictive, petty, greasy, sneering, gaunt, loathing, ugly, cold, intelligent, sneaky, slippery, dark, insane, selfish, callous, intolerant, unhappy, evil, spiteful...

Death Eater ... cold blooded murdered and traitor.

Oh, Severus knew all the words attached to his person. Only too well, in fact. Most had been said directly to his face, many had been evident in the eyes of people, when they looked at him, and some he had gleaned from their minds. They were right, for the most part. He was the majority of those things.

He just didn't care anymore.

Because he knew a few people who perceived him differently. Who bothered to look past the facade and dared to challenge him to be a different man. A man who actually was able to smile, to love, to care... and those people were the only ones that mattered.

True, he had killed one of them. In cold blood even, at least in the exact moment the curse had left his wand. But even in killing Albus, where he'd confirmed - once more - all those negative traits people believed him made up of, he had acted out of loyalty and love. And he would do it again.

So yes, peoples' perceptions about him were mostly correct, but they had in no way the full picture. And they never would have.

Wordcount: 225
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