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At times, lots of people never tell us what they are really thinking. Who is the one person that you would really like to know what they are thinking (as far as how they feel about you), and why?

Finally Severus had known exactly what thoughts had driven the old wizard for so many years, decades even. In that horrible moment, he had not been able to truly comprehend all, the rush of information, the mental whirlwind of images and memories barrelling into and through his mind. Unstoppable, even if he had wanted to stop it.

For so many years, he'd wondered what went on behind those twinkling ice-blue eyes, every time they had rested upon him. What had gone on inside Dumbledore's head, when he'd accepted Severus as repentant Death Eater ... as spy ... as teacher ... as protector and finally as executioner? It had been vexing, infuriating even, that 'knowing' look, when he himself knew nothing.

Now he knew.

And he wasn't sure anymore if ignorance hadn't been better after all.

The truth wasn't always what you truly wanted to hear.

Not for the first time, and surely not for the last, Severus wished the old man had never allowed himself to be killed, and left him with the legacy of 'knowing'.

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