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The owl will be waiting outside Remus' bedroom window from just around 1 am in the night on the 11th of march, until it is spotted and let in. It will of course peck on the glass to make its presence known.

Dear Remus,

Happy birthday. I am sorry for the tardiness of this letter and that I was unable to stay home long enough to enjoy this occasion with you. But know that I'm safe and well. I hope you are too.

An actual birthday present will have to wait for my return, but I have one thing I can give you now. I only managed to secure this a few days ago, and have been waiting for a suitable moment to safely send the message.

Potions Master Damocles Belby, the original creator of the Wolfsbane potion, has directed me (or rather, another esteemed colleague of his) to a fairly young but apparently competent French Potions Crafter. A private student of his, who is fully capable and willing - for a suitable amount of course - to brew the Wolfsbane for you.

His name is Marcel Bouchard and he currently resides in Paris, Rue d'Arcen 66. If you say, you have been referred by Belby, and hand him the coin I have enclosed, there should be no problems. There should also be no need to disclose your name. I have sealed the coin inside a ward, so you will be able to touch it.

I hope I will see you soon.

I love you.

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