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I brew potions.

The simple task of cutting, crushing, grounding, pulverising different ingredients and then adding them together in their correct amounts, at the correct times and in a correct order, relaxes me.

The soft bubbling of cauldrons; The different scents wafting past my nose, indicating the different stages in the potions' preparation and completion; The colours swirling and changing, showing me whether it is a success or a failure...

To others, it might seem a chore to brew potions, but even the simplest of concoctions have attractions or fascinating intricacies of their own.

The way Skele-gro, just before it is finished, changes from deep maroon to crystal clear in a matter of seconds, in those short fragile moments spreading a scent of vanilla in the room...

How Pepper-up makes the laboratory smell like an Indian bazaar, full of spices...

The fact, that if you stir Calming Draught counter-clock wise within the first 3 minutes and 33 seconds of its brewing, the draught will solidify into a black block of useless scoria, while it stays a smooth, pale green and thin liquid when stirred clock-wise.

All small insignificant things that tend to get lost in the wider perspective of brewing, but something you notice when you focus, enjoy ... relax.

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