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What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.' Do you agree or disagree? Why?

It's a fascinating and appealing notion. The thought that keeps us sane and up when life and circumstances overwhelm us with situation or events that might come so close to killing us - physically or mentally - it's almost a wonder we manage to escape.

Or survive.

But deep down, do we truly become stronger from things that go against us? Do our mental defences get undermined by yet another blow, so we are left even more vulnerable than before? Do we pretend to become stronger, just so the world will be fooled and not dare go against us again?

Do we slowly become paranoid in deep fear of a repeat?

Do we gradually close out the world, to prevent that repeat?

Do we wear iron masks and put up thick granite walls, to keep the lingering shivering remnants of our true being hidden from view?

Is that strength?

As usual, a simple question will always spawn more, as we look beyond the shining surface.

Wordcount: 165
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