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He knew that word only too well. Knew what consequences it had imparted on his life. Knew the choices he had made, to reach that point.

Knew the price.

He had paid that price, finally. Given his life, as his betrayal had cost lives... Given his peace of mind, as his betrayal had destroyed that peace in many others ... Given all, as his betrayal had taken all from some...

But would that be enough?

Could he ever repay the damage done by an ambitious and zealous young mind, delivering information he should never have gained in the first place? That he had not known the true implications of? It was ironic in a way, that the price had taken a form that would pose as ultimate betrayal of the only person, who had trusted him enough to forgive that first betrayal.

Guilt was a fruitless emotion and he had long moved past it, not allowing it to settle inside him. What was done, was done. There was no undoing, no spell that could take back the effects. So, this offered no redemption from guilt, for Severus. It only offered a purpose, a way to serve as means to an end, an end that might come sooner than expected.

Or never.

He could only wait.

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