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Name:Severus from Theatrical Muse
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This Journal used to be part of theatrical_muse and also theatrical_hp. It may contain material rated NC-17 - slash, het, references to violence, and other adult issues. Leave now and do not read on, if these things offend or if you're underage. Severus Snape and other characters from HP belong to JKR, Scolastic Books and Warner Bro's in a happy confusion. No infringement of copyright intended. This is a fanfiction and roleplaying journal and no money will be made from it.

The avatar I use for Severus Snape is Adrien Brody. Not that I don't love and adore Alan Rickman, but *sigh* he's simply too old to play a 35-ish years old man. Even with all the hardship and toil *sniff* and potions fumes Severus Snape has faced in his life. Brody has Snape-like features (yeah, I know he's somewhat too pretty in most eyes) and he could in my mind just as easily have played the role in the movies.
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